Yoga with Carol
Open the Body
Relax the Mind
Touch the Soul

Do you suffer from chronic illness, back pain, insomnia, arthritis, lack of energy or Stress?

Try Yoga Therapy and begin to take care of yourself!

Yoga Therapy Sessions are 1 hour by appointment at my office at:

14 South St. Suite 8

Westborough, Ma.

Can't come to me?

Arrange for a home visit.

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     1. Yoga Therapy

This is a personal, private and very powerful one-hour session in which pose, adjustments and alignments are used to create a deep level of change in your body.

We can include some or all of the following:

* breathing techniques

* Yoga Poses
  * Embodyment®

A Yoga Therapy session follows the same "support = release" principles that all our classes emphasize, with some very inspiring success stories that you can read by clicking here.

I have worked with clients experiencing all types and many different levels of pain, but the common thread has been the healing power of yoga therapy.  It worked for them and with my guidance and direction it can work for you too!

2. Embodyment® Therapy

People looking to reduce pain, anxiety and stress while quieting their mind from the daily noise of life can find refuge in the amazing power of Embodyment®.

This is a wonderful hands-on, private yoga therapy session based on the principles of Svaroopa® Yoga, with each one hour session being a new, deeply peaceful experience.

Embodyment® softens the deep tensions in the muscles connected to your spine.  This is done while you lay in Shavasana, yoga's relaxation pose.

Those who have experienced Embodyment® have reported improvements in digestion, sleep, energy and much more.

...and you can be next!

3. Vichara

Vichara is a yoga therapy technique using questions to lead your through a process of self-inquiry. The questions are a way to look at your problems, beliefs, repeated past patterns and reactions to life events and problems. In this practice we access your body and mind through your mind. Creating change in your whole body.

A session can be done in-person or by telephone. Vichara session helps you find your own inner answers to your personal questions. Personally this practice has created tremendous change in my body, my mind and my life. 

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Cost: $85 for 1 session
         $320 for a series of 4
         Seniors and Student discount $75