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Customer Testimonials

     " I felt much better after we met and then the next day, it wasn't until late in the                                day that I realized I hadn't even noticed my back all day. That was great                                          news." 
      -  Steve after his first yoga therapy session.

“ Carol is dedicated and committed to helping her students of all levels achieve the many benefits of yoga. She is particularly skilled at guiding students into each pose and always provide individual assistance as needed. I always leave class feeling refreshed and relaxed!”  
— Chrisann

"I had a back problem for many years that interfered greatly with my daily activities. Over a ten year period I tried chiropractic treatments, massage, conventional medicine, and other treatments but only got temporary relief. I then had a Yoga therapy session with Carol. She showed me some simple but very effective exercises that I could do every day to alleviate the pain and heal my spine. These exercises did the trick and today I’m pain  free. I highly recommend Carol’s approach to Yoga therapy."  -- Tom V.

"After yoga I find myself relaxed, refreshed, peaceful, and ache and pain-free. I'm ready to embrace my weekend openly and fully! Yoga improves my sense of well-being."  
— Jody
"I have been in Svaroopa® Yoga class now for about 6 months. I have slowly found myself using yoga in some way everyday and I hope to continue for a long time as I feel the teachings have been very helpful with my mental and physical outlook. There is no pressure, just steady encouragement. In today's world that is wonderful."
— Keitha

“I was hesitant to begin a yoga program due to a shoulder injury. The instructor was so reassuring and helped me to understand the basics of Svaroopa® yoga – support equals release. She provides a nurturing environment in which I feel secure.”  
— Priscilla
“The backs of my legs were really hurting but then I had an Embodyment® and I felt great and could walk normally again.”  
— Ellen (Age10)